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Part of the Bradford City Police collection, this film documents some of the athletic events which took place during their 38th Annual Sports Day. The film includes footage of many track and field events as well as highlights the winning relay team.

Title - City of Bradford Police Athletic Club
38th Annual Concert.
By kind permission of the Watch Committee and the Chief Constable.

Title - The whole of the technical work in connection with this film has been carried out by members of the Police Photographic Department.

Title - Every member of the Police Force is a member of the Athletic Club and is eligible to take part in every branch of sport. Every type of sport is catered fro from the swift running of the sprint to the more comfortable game of bowls.

The title is superimposed over various sporting activities.

Title - This kind of duty does not give much exercise to the lower limbs.

A policeman is seen directing traffic at a busy Bradford intersection. There are cars, trams, pedestrians, trucks, buses and bicycles which need direction.

Title - But the man who does that can also use his legs in other ways.

Two men take part in hurdle racing.

Title - N.C.A.A. 120 yards hurdles Champion 1928-1932-1934. A.A.A. representative 1934. Police A.A. Champion 1938. J.A. Hann.

The athlete is shown in close up.

Title - Another type of duty which is extremely useful but not very energetic.

An officer is helping children to cross the road outside of a school. There is a shot of a West Yorkshire bus.

Title - He can move faster.

Spectators are watching a sprint race which takes place.

Title - The City of Bradford Police are renowned for their relay teams as the following list bears out. NCAA Winners 1927-1928-1929. Police A.A. 1928-1929-1930-1932-1933-1939. The present team.

The four members of the current relay team pose, smiling for the camera.

Title - Another source of income of the Athletic Club is the Annual Police Sports which are held at Park Avenue and are recognized as the finest sports of the kind in the North of England.

Spectators can be seen at the event, and the athletes are warming up. Various events take place such as cycle and running races, and a large crowd has come out to watch the sporting events.

Title - Relay Race

There is footage of the event as well as of the race winners. This is followed by more cycling and wrestling.

Title - Champion 12 stone Cumberland and Westmoreland 1936. 113 stone All England 1939
J.R. Twentyman.