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On 31st August, Odsal Stadium, Bradford hosted the 1985 World Speedway Final to a crowd of 37,000 who saw the regaining world champion, Erik Gundersen from Denmark, retain his title.  This film includes footage of the day's events as well as scenes of the crowd who turned out for the event. 

Erik Gundersen (born 8 October 1959, in Esbjerg, Denmark) was a speedway rider in the late 1970s and 1980s. Gundersen was the Speedway World Championship on three occasions including this race in 1985.

The film opens with a stuntman driving a motorcycle, jumping over a station waggon (estate car).  In the next jump he performs, there is a tractor added to the line of cars. 

A large crowd has turned out for the competition, and there are many shots of the crowd in the stands.  Television cameras are also visible.  There is a procession onto the field in the middle of the track, and those taking part hold different flags.  This is followed by the drivers making their way around the track.  Each team is seated in the back of a pick-up truck, and the trucks make many laps around the track.  The crowd cheers them on each time they pass.  Around the field are advertising boards for products including Sunbrite and Marston’s Ales. 

The race begins.  There are a number of heats which take place, each heat involving four motorcyclists.  They race many laps around the track while the crowd cheers them on.  Also visible on the field are other photographers.  During one of the heats, one of the drivers falls off his bike and is helped off the track by some of his crew.  In addition to footage of the races, there are also some extensive scenes of the crowd and stadium taking from a mid-level position in the stands.  Many people in the stands are waving flags of different countries in support of the drivers.   

The final race only includes the top three drivers.  Erik Gundersen of Denmark wins the final race, and upon completion, is hoisted in the air many times by his crew members.  The crowd cheers.  The film closes as Gundersen rides around the track in a victory lap, holding the trophy high as he stands in the pack of a truck.