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NEFA 21786



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Railway enthusiast and filmmaker Chris Lawson records a motor racing event near Edinburgh and family holiday film at Sandsend near Whitby.  Saloon and sports cars of the period are tested to the limit in the racing event. At Whitby the less frenetic progress of boats and small ships are filmed as they enter and leave the harbour.

The film opens with a group of men standing near an Armco barrier while a saloon car race takes place at the track at Ingliston near Edinburgh. The cars are mainly Mini saloon, a popular car of choice for racing at the time. They speed off into the distance.

A view follows of a grassy field area with a small building in the middle distance. In the far distance cars can be seen racing. The film cuts back to the group of officials near the barrier fencing, as a bright yellow Ford Anglia speeds past. From another angle a Mini speeds past on another part of the track. A high angle view shows a curve in the track as sports cars are put through their paces.

General views show the sports cars speeding around the track. Large crowds gather in the winter sunshine to enjoy the event.

The film cuts to indistinct shots of a house and garden, probably due to accidental operation of the camera. The film cuts to a radio controlled model boat, on the sea near the shore heading towards the camera.

A view follows of a full size boat just beyond a pier. The camera pans right to another pier (both presumably at an entrance to a harbour). The boat sails between the piers, the boats name on the bow reads 'Trauke Danz'. A shot shows the ship down the river Esk towards Whitby town. The camera pans left to show a small boat heading towards the harbour entrance away from the town.

The film ends with a closer view of another small motor boat out on the sea.