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NEFA 21755



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A home movie by Chris Lawson of a family holiday to Sandsend that features a man and boy manoeuvring a small boat into the sea. The film also features brief views of a miniature railway and ends with a view of Fountains Abbey.   

The film begins with a man running towards the camera with his hands up as if he did not want to be filmed. The film cuts to footage of a car park at the foot of rocky outcrop. Some men manoeuvre a small boat out of the car park entrance and onto the nearby beach.

They carry the boat off the small trailer and head for the shoreline. They make their way through crowds of people already on the beach. They place the boat on the shoreline, someone carries a small motor that will power the boat. A group of men mount the engine on the stern of the boat. Groups of children look on.

The men and boys manoeuvre the boat into the shallows. The motor is started and the two occupants make their way out to sea.

Bathers enjoy the shallow waters, while in the distance the small boat is put through its paces, speeding across the sea.

The film cuts to a miniature railway and a high angle view of an approaching engine, then to another engine going along a different section of track.

Across a boating lake (Scarborough?) another view follows of the engine and railway. The camera follows the engine as it goes alongside the boating lake, and into the distance. The film ends with general views of Fountains Abbey.