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YFA 670



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Part of the Ibberson Collection, this film documents a number of family related events which took place during 1958 including footage of the Ibberson boys at school, a trip to Scotland, and the Brussels World Fair in June

Title - Spring 1958 Snow

The film opens with scenes of a snow-covered garden. The snow is at least a foot deep, and the garden is lit by the low light of the winter sun. There is also a man who tries to clear a pathway through the snow.

Title - At York 15th March for Charles' 17th birthday on the 25th!

Charles runs down a dirt road near St. Peter's School in York.

Title - Press ganged excavators

Two workmen shovel dirt at the edge of a newly built boat house.

Title - The New St. Peter's Boat House

There is a shot of the new boat house followed by a rowing team loading a boat into the Ouse. They then row down the river.

Title - Magdalen College, Oxford, 14th April, for the Institute of Directors' special course at Harwell

There are shots of the exterior of the building, and deer are grazing in a field nearby. This is followed by more footage of buildings on the campus. It's a sunny day, and the trees on campus are bare. There is a gropu gathered at the entrance of Harwell. They stand on bleechers and get ready to pose for a photograph.

Title - Drumnadrochit 25th May with the Malcolms

A man, woman, and boy walk through a garden at the side of a house.

Title - Loch Meikle

There are shots of the lake.

Title - On to Glen Affric

A car is stopped on the side of the road, and there is a mountainous landscape in the background. The travellers later stop by the river, and a boy skips stones on the water near rapids. This is followed by more footage of the scenic landscape with snow-topped mountains and low-hanging clouds.

Title - Strath Glass

Further scenes of the landscape, river rapids, and the greenery of the forrest.

Title - Inverness and Loch Ness

There are shots of the city of Inverness and the river that passes through. This is followed by shots of Henry at Loch Ness where there are two scuba divers as well as a man with a small red boat.

Title - Homeward via Queensferry

From the deck of the ferry, Henry looks at the Forth Rail Bridge.

Title - 12th June - the Granthams visit us

Mrs. Ibberson walks with a couple in the back garden.

Title - Ingestre Hall

Shot of the exterior of the Hall.

Title - Haddon Hall

Haddon Hall is located in the Derbyshire Peak District. There are exterior shots of the Hall. Mrs. Ibberson walks around the expansive grounds with her friends. The estate gardens are very picturesque.

Title - Buxton 14th June

An older woman, possibly the filmmaker's mother, is sitting in a chair near the water's edge. She is wearing a hat and is bundled up. Meanwhile, Mrs. Ibberson and her son, Henry, are in a rowboat and make their way around the lake. The park is full of people and colour flowers.

Title - Brussels World Fair - 18th June 1958

This portion of the film opens with a welcome sign for the Brussels World Fair. "Welcome" is written on the sign in many different languages. This is followed by scenes of the World Fair including footage of the modern-looking architecture as well as scenes of the large crowd gathered for the event. Some of the footage is taken from the sky ride.

Title - York Regatta - 21st June Two Strokes J & C

Rowing teams are racing on the River Ouse, near the museum gardens and passing under Lendal Bridge. There are many races which take place during the Regatta on this cloudy, overcast day.

Title - John's crew won the John E. Gibbs Challenge Cup Division Y

The last section of the film is very dark and under-exposed. There is a presentation of silver cups to the competition winners.