Film ID:
NEFA 22124



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A home movie made by Raymond James Paiton begins with a school sports day taking place at Newlands Preparatory School in Gosforth, Newcastle featuring both young girls and fathers taking part in various races. Following this there is a presentation of prizes to pupils by a female dignitary. The second part of the film features the Paiton family watching a farmer turn hay in a field and the children feeding chickens in the yard believed to be Rothley Park Farm near Morpeth in Northumberland.

The film opens a number of well-dressed young girls taking part in a race on the playing field of Newlands Preparatory School in Gosforth as part of a school sports day. Following the girl's race, the fathers take part in a race sprinting along a track towards the finish line past a large marquee in front of which sit groups of visitors.

An older boy herds younger ones onto the ground in front of the track, they are all wearing black and red striped blazers. A woman and two men approach a table between two groups of seated boys and present prizes to a number of them.

The film cuts to show a woman standing beside a car in a field, a wooden building in the background. The wind is blowing and she uses her hands to hold down her summer dress. A man and a boy come to stand by the woman, and a sign set up on the grass reads ‘CONTROL’. Sitting in the passenger seat of the car a second woman smiles and poses for the camera. The woman in the summer dress rests against the car and a small girl plays on the grass.


A family play ring-a-ring-a-roses on an area of grass and they all fall to the ground.

The film cuts to show the front page of a booklet that reads ‘School Sports. 12th July 1956. Newlands School’.

In a field a man drives a tractor turning hay while a family sits on the ground nearby relaxing. The film cuts to a man taking two children through a field of cows. A small boys sits on a tractor followed by a woman helping a small girl feed chickens. The film ends with the small boy seen previously coming over to help.