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The 1911 FA Cup Final was the 40th FA Cup final and was played between Bradford City and Newcastle United.  On April 22nd, the first game of this cup final took place at Crystal Palace, a game which resulted in a goalless draw.  This film contains footage taking from the side-lines, providing and ideal vantage point to film the match. 

The film opens with a shot from the field, facing the stands.  Each team runs out onto the field from the player’s tunnel, and policemen line the short route from the tunnel to the field.  Bradford City is first out, and they are followed by the Newcastle United players.   The stands in the background are packed full of spectators.

At the halfway line, the team captains meet with the referee.  They shake hands and perform the coin toss.  The referee then places the football on the line, and the game begins.  Much of the action can be seen close up and from field level.  Uncovered stands are visible in the background, and they are packed full of spectators.  Two billboards are visible at the top of the stands, “We Will Tell You All About It!” and “Football Evening News.”

Standing next to the camera, one of the players throws the ball back onto the field, and there is more footage of the game.  The game ends in a goalless draw resulting in a replay on 26th April at Old Trafford. 

Title – Warwick London.