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This is a documentary produced by the Audio Visual Unit at Leeds University for the Genius of Venice (1500-1600) Exhibition of 1983. It is based upon the work of the famous sixteenth century Venetian writer Francesco Sansvino.
Title - A Sixteenth Century visit to Venice

Intertitle - This film is based on Francesco Sansvino's 'A Dialogue of a Venetian with a Foreigner' (Venice 1560) and on his guide book Venetia Descritta (1581)

Intertitle - The music is by the sixteenth Century Venetian composer Andrea Gabrieli

The film begins looking at Venice from the Bacino de San Marco, followed by a view looking down onto San Marco. The commentary states that the film shows Venice as it is in the spring of 1983, but as it would also have looked to Francesco Sansvino 400 years ago, with little change. The film takes the form of a dialogue between Sansvino and a fictional visitor, quoting extensively from his works. The film looks across the rooftops of Venice and its squares. The film notes the large number of bridges, and shows gondolas being made. The commentary starts with the painters of Venice, beginning with Bellini, showing many paintings. It then moves on to sculptures and architects, focusing on The Marciana Library designed by Jacopo Sansovino. It tours the interior of the library and shows other examples of his work. It then goes on to look at and discuss the four most splendid palaces on the Rialto, explaining the building materials and the wealth.

Written and Produced by Howard Burns
Photographed by John Murray and Steve White