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YFA 668



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This is a film of the Surgey family at home and on a caravanning holiday in Filey.

The film begins with the family out swimming, along with others, in a river.  The daughter sits on the bank splashing with her legs.  They are then seen parked at the side of a road, with the two children eating ice creams, before we see them clambering over rocks by the sea at Filey in their swimming costumes.  The children have a wash next to their caravan overlooking the sea.  Some people go swimming in the sea.  The film switches to field of corn being cut by a horse drawn harvester.  The family sit outside their caravan having tea, while the two children fetch some water from a hand pump and then feed chickens on a farm. They help the farmer and his wife bundle up the cut hay. 

Back on the beach, the small boy tries to make a sand castle.  He and his sister try to do hand stands.  They then stop to pick flowers by a country road, visit a country house and then stop by a bridge next to a river.  They then attend an air display.  The two children pose with another small girl in fancy dress.  There is a brief glimpse of the two children riding cycles in their street before returning to Filey where a couple sit outside a caravan in deckchairs.  The family then go on the miniature train ride at Scarborough, with part of the journey filmed from near the front.  They then pass by the small boating lake before being sat on the beach. 

The film switches to a family get together, having fun in the garden. Then, indoors, the family and guests are dressed up and having more fun.  There are some wind-up toy pigs.  The family appear to be acting out Cinderella.  Back on the farm, the bundled hay is being loaded onto a horse drawn cart.  The film switches again to a group of people in a park, feeding ducks and swans.  They head off for a walk along a wooded path (possibly Eccleshall Park).  Back indoors family and guests are sat around the living room having tea and biscuits. 

The film switches again to a house with well-maintained back and front gardens (the film has deteriorated here - colour film that has lost its colour).  Back on the beach at Filey, the children play with buckets and spades.  There are then more views of the flowers in the garden, and some people stand by their cars posing for the camera.