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YFA 667



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This is a film of the Surgey family at home and with the children playing in the garden.

The film begins with two children sitting at home in their night clothes:  the boy with a cuddly toy dog, the girl rocking a doll.  They then dance around the room.  Then the girl is out playing in her street with her mother, before the family are shown out picnicking in the countryside, when their baby boy is still very young.  The baby sits in an old fashioned pram, while his older sister wanders around an allotment, or vegetable garden, with her dad.  She is joined by her gran, holding her baby brother.  She is then sitting in a tub in her bathing costume in the street.

The film switches to show circus animals being unloaded from a train before returning to their back garden where the family play in with a poodle.  Several visitors emerge from their house.  The girl pushes a toy pram down a street, and she then poses in a dress indoors, followed by her baby brother, naked on a wool rug.