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YFA 666



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This is a film of the Surgey family out in the countryside, at an outdoor swimming pool and on Filey beach.

The film begins with a small boy crawling around the grass verge outside in the street and over an old car seat, and then stands holding onto the spoked wheel of a car.  The child is then standing on a wall out in the countryside with its mother. She helps him to walk, with the aid of a harness, along a country lane.  The child is then sitting at a piano before being seated on the knee of an older lady, who is then seen clambering over a fence near a wood. The family are parked by the side of a country lane. The toddler takes some tentative first steps on its own, helped by his or her older sister, who then goes for a walk with her dad. 

The film switches to the family at a crowded outdoor swimming pool, where they swim, and the small child toddles about and sits eating Jacob's Biscuits.  The family are then on the beach at Filey, with the family and friends camping on the caravan site.