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YFA 4804



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This film documents a trip by students from Bootham School, York, to the South West of England. The trip included trips to the beach, a tin mine and an ancient village.

The film opens with a shot of an ambulance and several cars driving down a street.

Title - 149 not out.

Views from inside a coach as it travels down a motorway.

Title - Staring B. Smith, J. Reed.

The journey sequence continues as a coach heads over a bridge.

Title - produced by R. Allan, S. Baker, F. Wright.

An animation shows a cut out of a bus moving down the South West of England and driving into the sea where it is swallowed by a whale. A shots tilts up to show a teacher standing proud, before a group of students walk on to the road and head for the beach. A sign then reads, 'Danger human beings here handle with care', and the camera pans to reveal students leaning on a fence. There are then views of them walking down a country path and on a stony beach; the boys climb up some rocks and sit just above the sea. The sequence concludes with a shot of a sign that reads, 'No access', and again the camera tilts up to show members of the group walking behind it.

Title - Tea Time.

A brief animation - using cut-out figures - shows two individuals sitting down to eat sausage which cause the fork prongs to bend.

On a cloudy day, the group walks along by the sea, past a lighthouse, and the climb the rocks and walks down the deserted beach. Brief shots capture some of the boys swimming in the sea. A wide view shows a popular sandy beach on a sunny day (probably in Cornwall or Devon). The camera then pans from a statue to some writing on a wall that reads, 'Atmosphere dominates the attitude', and this is followed by a shot of a street sign that reads, 'Salubrious Terrace'. A shot shows a narrow alleyway jammed with residential house and a cat sleeping on a step.

Returning to the sandy beach, the students are captured in the water windsurfing, swimming, and in one case, being told off by a life guard. The group then return to their rented cottage and take a hike into the fields where the filmmaker gets close ups of butterflies and flowers.

Outside a house, a man sits in a deck chair, before several close ups shows house goods such as Ambrosia creamed rice and Winalot Digestives. The man walks into shots carrying a large tin of Baked Bean and enters the house with them, later returning with the baked beans on a plate with a slice of bread. After a brief section containing views of butterflies in long grass and the group wondering around country roads, they arrive at a pub called the 'North Inn', where a teacher carries tray of drinks into the beer garden.

A shot then shows a sign that reads, 'Geevor tin mines PLC'. There are then views industrial mining apparatus's and students standing around wearing hard hats. A tractor towing a passenger trailer drives across a lawn and stops by the waiting students who then get up. Another sign then reads, 'Carn Euny Ancient Village' and the students walk into a field with a stone well, before sitting on individual stones set in a circle formation. There are then several close-ups which capture the students relaxing and making funny faces. The film concludes with a sequence that shows the group exploring the rocky shore line and peeking out from different ruins.

Title - BSNHS Film Dept. The end.