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YFA 2670



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Made in 1966 by the Doncaster Cine Club, this is film reconstructs parts of the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066. The event also comprises of a procession featuring large crowds of people dressed up in 11th century attire, who parading through the village streets of Stamford Bridge.

Title - 11th century news presents.

Title - A report from.

The opening shot of this film shows a road sign that says 'Stanford Bridge'. People dressed in 11th century costume walk along the pavements, some ride along the street on horseback. A large mass of people walk down the streets; some have come dressed as peasants while others are made up to look like soldiers, however the enthusiasts are mostly made up of young adults.

A large group of people lie on a grassy area, all of whom are wearing similar purple tunics and soldiers' uniforms. The filmmaker also captures women wearing white head scarfs sitting on a grassy bank. The next shot show men with pointed helmets, acting as the English army, leading horses down a road. More English soldiers complete with fake swords ride past the camera on horses.

There is then a long procession of people wearing 11th century costumes; a man waving a St. George's flag leads enthusiasts dressed as peasants, who are in turn followed by a long line of people walking past the camera with cloaks, tunics and other traditional 11th century costume. Actors dressed in Viking outfits then cross a bridge with a white flag.

There is then a re-enactment of the battle of Stamford Bridge, where the English army battle the invading Norwegian force. The battle starts off with some acting and dialogue between two prominent soldiers, before the battle starts, and the historical re-enactors use fake swords, shields and axes to thrill the watching crowd. While the battle is happening, people take pictures and eventually the English soldiers overrun the Vikings. The final shot of this film shows a soldier lying face down in the grass.

Title - The end.