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YFA 4140



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This film contains footage of a holiday to St. Ives in Cornwall. It is not clear who is in the footage, but this film is part of the collection from the Hunslet Boys Club. The club was established in 1940 by Dr. J. Wyllie as a way of offering young people the chance to improve their skills in areas such as sports, crafts, karate, and IT. It was an opportunity for recreation and friendship and the motto was "Fitness for Life".

A crowd of people sit around watching a dance competition with adults and their children competing. The children have numbers pinned to their backs.

Young boys are doing gymnastics and leap off wooden horses one after the other. The camera captures this from various angles.

The next shot is of a young girl; possibly the young Tracey mentioned in the title, with her father. They play ball together, and she is unable to throw the ball far enough to reach him. She looks at the camera and then chases her father. A woman wearing a black bikini comes up the beach with a surf board under her arm; the cameraman, who has been filming the father and daughter, now films the woman.

The father and daughter are visible in the distance, and they are playing on the rocks. There is another child also playing on the rocks.

The sea is crashing up on the rocks but in the next shot is the harbour where many small boats have been moored.

The beach can be seen from afar; people are swimming in the sea and a man in a jacket and trousers walks towards the father and daughter who are building a sand castle. He gives the girl a gift.