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YFA 6099



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Made by Ken Clough, this film was taken during the 106th Malton Agricultural show.  It features livestock competitions and a motorcycle stunt show.  

Title – N&KC
Title – 106th Malton Show Thursday, 27th June, 1991.

The film opens on the fairgrounds where men, wearing top hats, drive a horse and carriage across the field.  They are followed by other carriages which have women drivers and passengers.  There is a close up of some of the decorated and highly groomed horses.  The owners stand with their horses in a line, the trophy is awarded, and they exit the field.  

Men, dressed in long white coats, parade their cattle into the fairgrounds.  Officials inspect the cattle and award trophies.  Spectators can be seen gathered behind barriers surrounding the grounds.  Goats are the next to compete.  Women, wearing long white coats, walk the goats into the arena and line up for judging.  

The film closes with a motorcycle stunt show.  The riders perform various tricks and ride in a number of different formations.  Fairground buildings can be seen in the background as long as the large crowd of spectators who have gathered at the agricultural show.