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An amateur film produced by Thomas Lawson for the Clarkson-Richardson wedding believed to be at a church in Jarrow on the 18th June 1949. The film begins with a young couple walking through a park dreaming of their wedding day. They fall asleep on a park bench and the film cuts to the day itself and shows the arrival of the groom, guests and finally bride. Following the wedding the wedding party pose for photographs and leave by car for the reception. The film ends with the young couple waking from their happy dream.

Title: T. Lawson presents

Title: “Let’s Dream” introducing Clarkson-Richardson Wedding

The film opens on a young couple walking through a park past a display of planted flowers. They walk up to and look inside a greenhouse full of colourful flowers.

The film cuts to them walking towards a park bench to take a seat. The woman removes her gloves and begins flicking through fashion magazine. She turns to a page with a headline that reads ‘Hollywood Fashion’ with a picture of a woman in a wedding dress. She points at it.

Title: I wonder what June 18th will be like

The film cuts to the exterior of the church and views of the groom and guests arriving and heading into the church. Two bridesmaids in blue dresses and carrying bouquets arrive and head into the church. The bride arrives by car wearing a white dress and is escorted into the church by her father.

The film cuts to the newly married couple coming out of the church and standing on the steps. The photographer carrying his camera on a tripod speaks with the couple. The couple pose for photographs on their own and with family and guests. There are portrait shots of the bride and groom as well as the two bridesmaids. Confetti is thrown at them as the couple get into the car. There are various views of the wedding guests.

The film cuts back to the young couple on the park bench as if awakening from a dream. The film ends with them getting up and walking away.

Title: The End

Note: This wedding film is a class act by a friend and amateur cine enthusiast, Thomas Lawson, who once worked as a cinema musician in Derby in the late 1920s.