David Parsons

Archive Co-ordinator: NEFA

David joined NEFA in June 2008 as a qualified paper Archivist on a six month contract. More than four years later; he is now the first point of contact with regards all public, educational and commercial enquiries. David is also responsible for dealing with any enquiries from our many depositors and works alongside other members of the archive team to assess new collections for potential acceptance into the NEFA. David also works hard to coordinate the day-to-day running of the office in Middlesbrough and liaises with Teesside University with regards the maintenance and servicing of the film vaults.

Favourite Film

In my time at the archive I’ve seen many wonderful and poignant films come through the door; but for me Jesmond Dene is one of my favourites. Found in a skip by a kindly member of the Newcastle Parks Department this delightful promotional film made just after World War Two explores an oasis of calm in the centre of Newcastle. Check out the dancing at the end.